T-shirt Quilt Gallery


Have you been saving your kids t-shirts all through school? Do you have a box of your favorite sorority tees in the attic? Are all your marathon shirts cluttering up your dresser drawers but you can’t part with them? Whatever t-shirts you are sentimental about, we can help you save them. A t-shirt quilt is a scrap book you can curl up in. Enjoy snuggling on the couch while reminiscing over all the memories that are stored in your one-of-a-kind quilt.

Our goal at SoSews Quilts is to help you take your memorable clothes and make them into a beautiful quilt that you can use and love for years to come. We offer a variety of t-shirt quilt styles and sizes to choose from, so you are sure to get a quilt that is perfect for you!

Sashed t-shirt quilts

Sashed t-shirt quilts are a great option when choosing what style of t-shirt quilt you would like. In sashed quilts, the t-shirts are cut into uniform squares and framed by a strip of material called sashing. The sashing can add a pop of color or contrast for your t-shirts. You can either choose the color or we can help by recommending a color that will complement your t-shirts. If you’d like your quilt a little bigger, you can add a wide outer border of the same sashing color or add a frame border of another color.

Random t-shirt quilts

Random t-shirt quilts are also an awesome option when choosing your t-shirt quilt style. The t-shirts are all cut different sizes based on the size and shape of the logo giving every single quilt a truly unique look. This can be great if you have t-shirts that have really long or large logos. You can also choose a color for the border of the quilt to really make it pop.

Random sashed quilts

Random sashed quilts use random sized squares divided by strips of fabric called sashing. You get to choose the sashing color.  You can also choose to have a frame added around the t-shirts before the sashing is added. Scroll through the gallery to see samples.

Double Sided Quilts

Double sided t-shirt quilts are a great option if you have LOTS of t-shirts you want to save. You get a variety of styles, as one side is the sashed layout and the other side is random. You get to choose the sashing color for one side and a border color for the other.