Machine Quilting


Whether you are a quilter who is looking for something extra special for a top or someone with no sewing experience who has come into possession of an antique quilt top, SoSews is here for all your machine quilting needs. Put our 25 years of award winning, professional longarm experience to work for you. SoSews longarm machine quilting is done custom to your specifications. There are three basic pricing categories for machine quilting; all-over designs, custom and heirloom.

All-over Quilting

All-over quilting is a great economical way to add interest to a quilt. There are lots of different styles.Take a look at our gallery to view some of the all-over quilting patterns. If you have another design or idea in mind just contact us and we will work with you to achieve the look you want for your quilt. All quilting is hand guided freemotion.

3 cents per square inch

Custom Quilting

Custom quilting is more specific to your quilt top. It includes outlining and custom border, background, and block patterns. It can add so much to any quilt and give an amazing variety of texture throughout your quilt top. Very dense all-over patterns and straight lines closer than 1 inch fall into this pricing category as well. If you have a quilt top you would like custom quilted, just contact us and we will get started on collaborating your custom design. Check out some of the custom quilting we have done in our custom quilting gallery.

5 cents per square inch

Heirloom Quilting

Heirloom quilting is extremely intricate quilting. It takes custom quilting and brings it up another level. The floral patterns are more detailed; the swirls and circles are denser. Heirloom quilting is just that, it takes a quilt and turns it into an heirloom, something that is meant to be passed down for generations. It is art. If you are looking for something that will take your quilt top and turn it into something absolutely breathtaking, then heirloom quilting is exactly what you are looking for.

7 cents per square inch

Optional Extras

  • Binding – $40/quilt
  • Batting (Hobbs 80/20) – $9/yard (or you can supply your own)
  • Sewing & Piecing – $35/hour
  • Shipping & Handling – $30/quilt