Announcing—Razorback Quilts!!!

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T-shirt qulilt gift certificates

Perfect Gift for the Razorback Fan to brighten Man Cave, Dorm Room or Living Room!

Sosews is absolutely thrilled to announce our newest product line. We are now officially licensed to make and sell quilts that celebrate our home team—The Arkansas Razorbacks. Check out our new page for information about size and style options, prices, and how to order.

License #2014085

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Gift Certificates

Not sure how to choose the right shirts? Give a gift certificate instead.

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The great thing about giving a gift certificate is that the one getting the gift gets to decide which shirts to put in the quilt.

We recommend ordering the most popular twin size.

Select T-Shirt Quilts, Memory Quilts or Custom Quilting for detailed information.

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High School Sports T-shirt Tee-Shirt Quilt SoSews Custom Memory Quilt SoSews Custom Quilting

A t-shirt quilt is a unique way of saving and organizing your memorable tees, sweatshirts, and jerseys . Your shirts will be usable again when sewn into a beautiful quilt. Your custom made t-shirt quilt will be one of a kind and will last a life time. It will have instant sentimental value and will bring you joy every time you see it.

A memory quilt is a wonderful way to continue the celebration of a life or a time of life. Like the lyrics and tune of a favorite song, the fabric of an article of clothing can bring back memories of a special time and place. A collection of tee-shirts can also make great memory quilts, so consider a tee-shirt quilt if your loved one had a great collection of tees.

SoSews Machine Quilting is done custom to your specifications. There are two basic pricing catagories for machine quilting. All-over designs use a random or repeating motif such as stippling, spirals, leaves, etc, all over the quilt— as the name suggests. Custom quilting is more specific to your quilt top. It includes outlining, border, background, and block patterns. If you are interested in having a quilt top machine quilted, please call me, Sonja, at 479-444-7279 or contact me through my contact form for more details and information.