Got Questions about Theme-shirt Quilts?

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Don't limit your quilt with your own collection!

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Superhero theme T-shirt quilt

Get T-shirts with a theme!

You don't have to have been there, done it and got the shirt to have a quilt made from an awesome collection of tees. Collect shirts with similar subjects and designs from second-hand stores and let us turn them into a quilt. Goodwill and other charitable stores have top quality t-shirts at super low prices, and they do great things with the proceeds from sales. If you have three or four shirts with rock and roll or faith or even a particular sports team on them, chances are pretty good that you can add to the collection for just a few dollars. And remember as you're shopping that you don't even have to worry about size because you're not going to wear them.

Best reasons to get a Theme-Shirt Quilt made:

  • Theme-shirt quilts are custom made for you.
  • Theme-shirt quilts are personalized (made from t-shirts you collect.)
  • Theme-shirt quilts are a unique way to show off your interests.
  • Theme-shirt quilts give you a reason to shop at scondhand stores.
  • And, did I mention, Theme-shirt quilts give you a reason to shop at secondhand stores!
hig school sports T-shirt quilt
College football T-shirt tee-shirt quilt

Show off your faith in bright colors and brilliant designs.
You'll be surprised how many awesome shirts there are to choose from.

superhero Theme-shirt t-shirt quilt

What's your favorite theme?

  • Star Wars
  • Rock and Roll
  • Disney Princesses
  • The Razorbacks
  • The Cards
  • Country
  • The USA
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Snowboarding
  • Tie Dye
superhero Theme-shirt t-shirt quilt