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SoSews T-shirt Quilts will turn your favorite, memorable tees into a keepsake memory quilt.

Superhero theme T-shirt quilt

Got T-shirts?


Don't wear your tees
but can't throw them out?

T-shirts hold so many memories of our lives. Getting a t-shirt quilt made is a wonderful way to save these precious memories. It's not too early to begin working on holiday gifts. Surprise someone special with a special gift this year.

Top 5 reasons to get a T-Shirt Quilt made:

  • T-shirt quilts are custom made for you.
  • T-shirt quilts are personalized (made from your t-shirts.)
  • T-shirt quilts are a unique way to save your memories.
  • T-shirt quilts have instant sentimental value.
  • T-shirt quilts will last a lifetime.

hig school sports T-shirt quilt

Your collection of
T-Shirts tells your story:

  • what you like
  • where you've been
  • what you've done
College football T-shirt tee-shirt quilt

Why should you order your t-shirt
quilt from SoSews?

  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed!
  • 15 years professional quilting experience.
  • We do only the highest quality work.
  • Quilts are 100% machine quilted (not tied).
  • Have your quilt back in 3 to 6 weeks.

Save your favorite
T-shirts, sweatshirts & jerseys.

Put them all together into a quilt.

Order today!

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Gift Certificates

We're making it even easier this year to give this very personal and special gift by offering beautiful hand–crafted Gift Certificates. The great thing about giving a gift certificate is that it takes away the need for a covert operation of sneaking around and trying to guess which shirts they'd like to include. The one getting the gift gets to decide which shirts to put in the quilt. And now with eight colorful new designs to choose from you can give this unique gift in a surprising and attractive way.

Just select a size based on a number of T-shirts, sweatshirts, or jerseys that will give them room to show off what they've done. We recommend ordering the the most popular twin size.

Order now to give the most original gift out there to your athlete, math whiz, dancer, cheerleader, musician . . .

Place orders by phone at 479-444-7279 or

t-shirt quilt gift certificates
Got Questions about T-shirt Quilts?


Getting started on your T-shirt quilt is very easy.

You will need:
  • T-shirts - Pick out which t-shirts you want to use. (See Options for more details.) Write your name on the inside hem on the side of the shirt you want to use - front or back or both.

  • Order form - Print out a copy of SoSews Quilts order form and fill it out.

  • Bring or mail the t-shirts and completed order form to SoSews Quilts. Your quilt will take about 3 - 6 weeks.