SoSews Quilts will assemble your favorite, memorable clothing into a keepsake memory quilt.

Keepsake memory quilt made from your loved ones clothes
Top 5 reasons to get a Memory Quilt made:
  • Memory quilts are custom made for you.
  • Memory quilts are personalized (made from your loved one's clothing.)
  • Memory quilts are a unique way to save your memories.
  • Memory quilts have instant sentimental value.
  • Memory quilts will last a lifetime.

In memory of a beloved husband

Getting started on your memory quilt is very easy.
You will need:

  • Clothing and Items - Select the articles of clothing and the special items you want to include (See the Memory Quilts Options Page for more details.)

  • Memory Quilt Order Form - Print out a copy of SoSews Quilts memory quilt order form and fill it out.

  • Bring or mail the items and completed order form to SoSews Quilts. Your quilt will take about 3 - 5 weeks.
SoSews Quilts

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