1) Should I cut the clothing?

No - Please DO NOT cut the articles of clothing you're sending. You should wash them and write your name on the inside hem or other out of the way place that won't interfer with its uses. I will cut the clothing as needed to get the pieces I need from it. If you want the leftover pieces of the clothing back, please request this on the order form. Otherwise, I will dispose of the scraps that are not used in the quilt.

2) Can I use items other than clothing?

Yes - In addition to button-downs, polos, sweatshirts, jerseys, jackets, tank tops, and shorts, you can include banners and pennants from a favorite school, ties, gloves, baseball caps, socks, and more. If in doubt, send the it, we will include it if possible. Items that aren't flat fabric and must be applied to the top of the pieced quilt require extra sewing to make them work. There is a $5.00 per item charge for extra sewing.

3) How many pieces of clothing should I send?

For the best variety and mix of color in the design, you should choose 15 to 25 pieces of clothing. This is enough fabric to make 2 to 3 quilts. For the Blue Jeans quilt, send 6 to 8 pairs of jeans.

4) What size will my quilt be?

The standard memory quilt is about sixty inches square, big enough to throw across your legs while relaxing and small enough to display on a wall. If you go with a t-shirt quilt, the size will depend on how many t-shirts you use. Check out the t-shirt quilt options for more information.

5) Can I use stained or torn clothing?

Yes - We can cut around any flaws in the garments. However, if the flaws hold a special meaning, let us know and we'll include them.

6) Do I need to send any fabric for the top or back of the quilt?

No - Everything needed to complete the quilt (except the clothing) is provided by SoSews and is included in the price. All the fabrics we use are solid colors.

7) Can I use other fabric for the back of the quilt?

Yes - You must purchase it and send it with your order. The fabric you use for the back of the quilt can be any 100% cotton fabric you want. The backing is a chance to make the quilt much more unique and interesting. The backing fabric can celebrate a special interest in the life of the person the quilt commemorates, such as baseball or cars or horses, motorcycles, a favorite sports team, and so on. Anything goes. Be creative, reflect your personality. Just remember -- 100% cotton.

8) Where can I purchase fabric for the backing of the quilt?

Fabric can be purchased at any fabric store near you, such as local quilt shops, Hancock Fabrics, JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby, etc. Or there are some great online fabric stores. Hancock's of Paducah and Big Horn Quilts both have a good selection.

9) How do I care for my quilt?

If all the clathing and special items you use in your memory quilt are washable, then your quilt can be machine washed in cold water, gentle cycle and hanged or tumbled dry on the lowest heat setting. If items within the quilt require special care such as dry cleaning, you should dry clean the quilt. The less often you wash and dry the quilt, the longer it will last. A roller used for pet hair/lint removal is great for surface cleaning the quilt between washings and using one can extend the life of your quilt.

10) Can I include a special message on the quilt?

Yes - A special message up to ten words is included in the prices.