T-Shirt Quilt Gallery

20 t-shirt quilt
Most Popular Size
20 shirts with black sashing

25 t-shirt quilt graduation gift
Another Popular Style
25 shirts with black sashing
This quilt was a high school graduation gift.
It includes shirts from elementary, junior high and high school.

A double-sided quilt
A double-sided quilt.

Double-sided quilt front
Double-sided quilt front.

Double-sided quilt back
Double-sided quilt back.

a t-shirt quilt made of only white shirts
Some people worry that their shirts aren't colorful enough to make an interesting quilt.
This quilt has only white shirts. It looks great and allows the designs to stand out.

superhero theme shirt quilt
This special themed collection of shirts were purchased at secondhand stores.
The quilt was given to a boy as a get-well gift.

high school tennis, basketball and a graduating senior
This quilt has only a few colored shirts.
The four dark colored shirts anchor the corners of this design.

sorority shirts
Pink sashing adds pizazz to this sorority t-shirt quilt.

harley davidson t-shirt quilt with gray sashing
Gray sashing brings out the shade and shadow of the designs in this Harley Davidson t-shirt quilt.

cheerleader t-shirt quilt
Blue sashing gives a brighter look to this cheerleaders t-shirt quilt.

get-well gift t-shirt quilt
This quilt was a get well gift for a sick family member.
Members of the family each donated one of their sports t-shirts to the quilt.

sorority homecoming t-shirt quilt
This sorority t-shirt quilt has so many colorful t-shirts.
The black sashing really lets the shirts be the focus of the quilt.

Another example of a theme shirt quilt.
These shirts were also collected from secondhand stores.
A really cheap way to get the material for an awesome quilt.

Harley Davidson t-shirt quilt with black sashing
This Harley Davidson t-shirt quilt uses black sashing with black t-shirts.
It creates an interesting effect of losing the grid created by the sashing. Kind of cool!

Harley-Davidson t-shirt quilt with orange sashing and a frame border
Another Harley Davidson t-shirt quilt.
T-shirt quilts are a very unique and personal gift for the man in your life.
Christmas, birthday or Fathers Day
A t-shirt quilt is a gift that holds memories of the things he's done in his life.

12 t-shirt quilt with blue sashing
Here is a sample of a lap quilt. It uses 12 t-shirts.

army theme t-shirt quilt
This Army t-shirt quilt is lap size with a wide border.

extra-long fayetteville bulldogs, cheer camp, college and travel t-shirt quilt
Extra long dorm size - using 24 shirts
It was given as a high school graduation gift and is
a great way to take high school memories to college with you.

Jesus Rules theme-shirt quilt
Secondhand stores like Goodwill and other charitable organizations
offer a wide variety of shirts in particular themes.

springdale bulldogs football t-shirt quilt
This football t-shirt quilt was given as a graduation gift.

graduation gift t-shirt quilt
This graduation quilt uses t-shirts from high school, college and grad school.

Christian theme-shirt quilt
A Christian themed t-shirt quilt

baseball t-shirt quilt
This baseball t-shirt quilt was given as a birthday gift.

high school sports t-shirt quilt
High school sports t-shirt quilt. What a great way to save those jerseys!

Christian Motorcyclist Association leadership appreciation gift t-shirt quilt
This quilt was given as a leadership appreciation gift. Members of
the Christian Motorcyclist Association each donated a t-shirt for the quilt.

Har-Ber wildcats football t-shirt quilt
This graduation t-shirt quilt uses t-shirts from elementary to high school.